We all know that in the English classroom, vocabulary is essential to learn the language, which is why we can use interactive whiteboards to practice, through the use of images and sounds, new words every day.   



In the English lessons, apart from the material provided by the school (books, notebooks…) we can teach our students how to do activities through different websites to prepare different subjects, or how to use the virtual class of the centre to complement the job done at school through online activities that can be carried out at home.  Each of these methods must be supervise by an adult to achieve a good use of ICTs.

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As it is not their mother tongue, students consider English as a “different or complicated” subject.  That is why ICTs should be gradually introduced in the classroom to motivate students.  If teachers look for resources to teach them a new language through activities in interactive whiteboards, they will see that they do not only need to memorize but can also investigate different means to improve their learning, which is the most important.

ICTs offer different software (films, web…) and means (texts, audio, images…) so students have different ways to learn the subject in the easiest considered way.  In English classes, ICTs can be used to develop different skills as information search through the Internet to do activities, to work in group or in pairs to develop oral skills (songs, stories…), to improve student-teacher relationship with a bi-directional work… 

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My name is Magdalena and this year I have done my training period in a bilingual school.  Up to now, I had not had the opportunity to use a series of tools such as interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and this is the reason why my experience has been very positive.  In the majority of lessons I have attended and I have had the opportunity to give, I have been able to use interactive whiteboards as a complementary tool for explanations and I have observed that students have a lot of curiosity for new technologies.

I consider ICTs as a great development in education and, therefore, both teachers and students should be aware of all of their possibilities to improve learning-teaching methods.  ICTs should be used in all subjects so students can prove their usefulness, but first of all, we have to teach them how to use them appropriately.